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TDA8172 PIN Connection Schematic and Datasheet

2016-10-17 13:47  
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A booster IC device for direct driving of vertical windings of TV yokes and used to be applied in color and black monitors and displays, that is TDA8172 according to the datasheet. And the following schematic shows theTDA8172 pin connection diagram.

TDA8172 PIN Schematic Diagram

The TDA8172 PIN Connection Schematicdefines its lead as follows:

1.   Inverting Output 
2.   Supply Voltage  
3.   Flyback Generator 
4.   Ground or Negative Supply 
5.   Output 
6.   Output Stage Supply 
7.   Non-inverting Input 
A.   Tab connected to Pin 4

Here you may download the TDA8172 datasheet in full pdf archive.