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TLE 6220 GP Datasheet for Injector Valves, Relays and Genera

2016-10-12 05:42  
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The TLE 6220 GPis an quad-low-side power switch which provides a serial peripheral interface (SPI) to control the 4TLE 6220 GP Block Diagrampower DMOS switches, as well as diagnostic feedback. The power transistors are protected against short to VBB, overload, overtemperature and against overvoltage by an active zener clamp. It can be applied for purposes such robotic controls, switch for automotive and industrial system, solenoids, relays and resistive loads, injectors, and µC Compatible Power Switch for 12 V and 24 V Applications.

The TLE 6220 GP (quad switch) if combine to TLE 6230 GP and TLE 6240 GP(16-fold switch) can be driven to a modern Engine Management/Powertrain system. Combination among TLE 6230 GP with TLE 6240 GP (16-fold switch) results relays and general purpose loads and withTLE 6220 GP (quad switch) can be driven to the injector valves. It is protected by embedded protection functions and designed for automotive and industrial applications. The paralel SPI configuration is given in the engine management application diagram section. So we can see a Daisy Chain Application TLE 6220 GP in a brief description.

The TLE 6220 GP summarizes Vs=4.5-5.5 V, drain source voltage= 60 V, On Resistance= 0.32 ohm, and Output Current= 1-3 A. View more complete information aboutTLE 6220 GP Datasheet for Injector Valves, Relays and General Purpose Applicationin PDF document filetype, 17 pages/737 Kb (source: jp.ic-on-line.cn).