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Texas Instrument Datasheet for DVD Receivers

2016-10-13 01:20  
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As been mentioned in the previously article of Home Theatre Product solution, another important component insteadDVD Receiver Block Diagramof AV receivers isDVD Receivers. It has already known that people are moving beyond stand-alone DVD players and embracing integrated entertainment solutions such as DVD receivers used in home theater in a box (HTiB). And Texas Instrumentpowers the HTiBs’ capabilities, replicating the thundering bass and extremes in dynamic range of the theater experience.

In the article below, we can find detailed information in accordance withDVD receivers datasheet. There are TAS5508 as Eight-Channel Digital Audio PWM Processor, TAS5111 that give 70-W Digital Amplifier Power Stage, TAS5112 for Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage, 100-W Digital Amplifier Power Stage is supplied by TAS5121, PCM1738 such an Advanced-Segment DAC, Stereo Audio ADC for DVD and DSD is given by PCM1804, DSD1702 give Enhanced Multiformat Audio DAC, and PCM1742 and PCM1748 for the Stereo 96-kHz/192-kHz, 24-Bit DAC.

With this unmatched power efficiency and pure audio performance, provides consumer the ability to integrate the performance and power levels of expensive and bulky amplifiers into sleek consumer-oriented equipment, according to the article.

Find out completelyTexas Instrument Datasheet for DVD Receiversin the document available to download (source: ti.com).