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The ADXRS300 Datasheet and Application Circuit Diagram

2016-10-18 12:20  
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Below is the example ofADXRS300 Application Circuit Diagramwhere both AVCC and PDD have a separate decouplingthe example of ADXRS300 Application Circuit Diagramcapacitor. This device is known as “gyroscope” or a complete (low cost) angular rate sensor that integrated with all of the required electronics.

According tothe ADXRS300 datasheet, to minimize the noise injected by the charge pump that uses the PDD supply both AVCC and PDD should be placed as close to the their respective pins as possible before routing to the system analog supply. You should also consider to use only power supplies used for supplying ADXRS300 analog circuits since digital circuit supplies may have adverse affects on device operation from its high frequency noise and transients.

Another sections in the ADXRS300 datasheet are ADXRS300 Pin Descriptions (diagram),ADXRS300 Block Diagramwith External Components schematic, how to set ADXRS300 bandwith, increasing its full-scale measurement, to use ADXRS300 with a supply-ratometric ADC, null adjustment, a self-test feature function, the availability of continuous self test techniques.

Complete readThe ADXRS300 Datasheet and Application Circuit Diagramcan be found in this datasheet here (source: analog.com).