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The L200 Datasheet, an IC for Voltage and Current Programmab

2016-10-19 15:17  
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You can replace a fixed voltage regulators usingthe L200when high output voltage precision is required. The L200 has features such current limiting, power limiting, thermal overload protection, input overvoltage protection up to 60V, that make this device known as virtually blow-out proofIC for voltage and current programmable regulation.

L200 Programmable Voltage and Current Regulator Circuit Diagram

ThisL200 monolythic IChas 5 pins, there are for input, limiting, ground, reference, and output. In the datasheet, you will seethe L200 application circuits diagramssuch as Programmable Voltage Regulator, High Current Voltage Regulator with Short Circuit Protection, Digitally Selected Regulator with Inhibit, Programmable Voltage and Current Regulator (click to enlarge figure above), High Current Regulator with NPN Pass Transistor, High Current Tracking Regualtor, Constant Current Battery Charger, Light Controller, and 30 W Motor Speed Control.

Have complete read aboutThe L200 an IC for Voltage and Current Programmable Regulationin the L200 Datasheet (source: st.com)