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The SCA3000-D01 Accelerometer Datasheet and PIN Descriptions

2016-10-10 17:21  
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SCA3000-D01is a proven capacitive3D-MEMS technology of 3-axis Low Power Accelerometer with digital SPI interface. This accelerometer is targeted to be used to the battery operated devices such as Inertial navigation, digital inclinometers, electronic compass, and Motion activated functions in mobile terminals and antitheft systems.

The SCA300-D01 Application circuit schematic

The SCA3000-D01has 18 pins on it, theirPIN descriptionsare pin1 NC (not connected), pin 2 XRESET (external reset, active low), pin 3 INT (interupt output), pin 4 CLK (digital ground), pin 5 DVSS (digital ground), pin 6 DVDD (digital supply), pin 7 DVIO (digital I/Osupply), pin 8 CSB (chip select), pin 9 NC (not connected), pin 10 NC (not connected), pin 11 SCK SCL (SPI serial clock/SCK), pin 12 MISO_SDA (SPI data out/MISO), pin 13 MOSI (SPI data in/MOSI), pin 14 AVDD (analog supply), pin 15 AVSS (analog ground), pin 16 AVSS (analog ground), pin 17 ATSTIO (not connected), pin 18 NC (not connected).

Complete readThe SCA3000-D01 Accelerometer and PIN Descriptionsin the The SCA3000-D01 datasheet (source: VTI Technologies, www.vti.fi)