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The TL494 Datasheet and Pulse Width Modulated Step-Down Conv

2016-10-11 10:24  
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The TL494 is a fixed-frequency pulse width modulation control circuit, incorporating the primary building blocks? required for the control of a switching power supply.

TL494 Pulse Width Modulated Step Down Converter Circuit Schematic

The pulse width modulatorcomparator provides a means for the error amplifiers to adjust the output pulse width from the maximum percent on-time, established by the deadtime control input, down to zero, as the voltage at the feedback pin varies from 0.5 V to 3.5 V.


The circuit above showsTL494 Pulse Width Modulated Step-Down Converter Circuit Schematic.With this circuit you can have circuit test such Line Regulation, Load Regulation, Output Ripple, Short Circuit Current and Efficiency test with various Vin conditions. Detailed table of these tests are given in the TL494 datasheet (source: onsemi.com)