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The X9241A Potentiometer Pinout Description and Datasheet

2016-10-15 23:41  
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The X9241A is a quad digital controlled potentiometer (XDCP), it integrates four digital potentiometer in one package. The picture below shows the X9241A pinout and the description of the symbols.

 x9241a pinout and datasheet

SCLSerial Clock
SDASerial Data
A0 to A3Address
VHo/RHo to VH3/RH3, VLo/RLo to VL3/RL3Potentiometers Pins (terminal equivalent)
VWo/Rwo to Vw3/Rw3Potentiometer Pins (wiper equivalent)


The SCL is used to clock data into and out of the X9241ASDA is a bidirectional pin used to transfer data into and out of the deviceThe Address inputs are used to set the least significant 4-bits of the 8-bit slave addressThe RH and RL inputs are equivalent to the terminal connections on either end of a mechanical potentiometerVW/RW (wiper outputs) are equivalent to the wiper output of a mechanical potentiometer.

CompletedQuad Digital Controlled Potentiometercan be seen in this X9241A datasheet (source: intersil.com)