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555 sound and light simultaneous display stress electronic m

2016-12-13 06:58  
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555 sound and light simultaneous display stress electronic metronome circuit
The stress electronic metronome is composed of the beat pulse generator, the beat type controller and the sound & light circuit, as the figure 14-37(a) shows, figure (b) is the waveform of all levels, figure (c) is the circuit. This metronome has 1-10 ten kinds of beat ways, the beat speed is 40-208 times/minute. The IC1-1(1/4CD4093) quad 2 input Schmitt trigger is connected as the beat pulse oscillator, the positive pulse width is 100ms, RP1 can be used to change the pulse interval. The IC2(CD4017) is the 1-10 circulation counter, the cycling time is set by K1. In this figure, K1 is in the position of 4 , the waveform b is the output pulse of it. The IC3(555) is under the action of the waveforms a and b to output the high tone sound waveform such as c.