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7 Segment Display Counter based 74LS90

2016-12-13 01:15  
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7 Segment Display Counter based 74LS90Here is a 7 segment counter circuit based on IC 74LS90 TTL.This can be used in conjunction with several circuits where a counter to show the progress adds a little more attractive. This circuit accepts any TTL compatible logic signal, and can be extended easily.

All pulses to be counted are to be TTL compatible. They should not exeed 5V and not fall below ground.You can add more digits by building a second (or third, or fourth, etc...) circuit and connecting the pin 11-6 junction of the 74LS90 and 74LS47 to pin 14 of the 74LS90 in the other circuit. You can keep expanding this way to as many digits as you want.