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Digital displaying remote control electric fan circuit diagr

2016-12-16 19:37  
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Digital displaying remote control electric fan circuit diagram
Remote control fan circuit is shown as the chart, the remote distance is about 8m, and it does not need dedicated remote control. With an infrared remote control at any infrared receiver by pressing a key, IC2 will receive the infrared pulse signal, and make filter, detect, amplifier and other processing, the signal is coupled to IC3 by C6, Schmid special trigger composed of IC3 and will make shape on pulse signal to obtain the ideal square wave. R1 is pull-up resistor, the appropriate resistance can greatly improve the circuit's noise immunity. The resistance of R1 is in the range of 200kΩ ~ 470kΩ, R1 is too small to reduce the circuit sensitivity; too high to reduce the general assembly performance. After shaping the pulse signal, it is output from 3 feet, and then carried into the CD4017 decade counter to make pulse count. The output end Q0 of CD4017 outputs high level, others outputs low level. The output high level is sent to be decoded by diodes, the driver CD40110 makes the digital display 1.