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Display Driver circuit

2016-12-03 12:30  
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This display driver circuit shows how a Seven Segment Display is driving with the help of the 5 stage Johnson decade counter IC CD4033.The IC has counter and decoder in one package. It converts the Johnson codes into Seven Segment Decoder output to drive the common cathode display. The display shows the counts in the form of numerical display.The display driver circuit is powered from a 9 volt DC supply and the outputs of IC are connected to the Common CathodeSeven Segment display LT 543.The IC counts continuouslyup to 9if theClock Enable, Strobe and Reset pinsare grounded. The cycle repeats till the Reset pin gets aHigh pulse. The input ofCD 4033is a sensitiveSchmitt triggerand readily accepts positive to negative transition pulses to starts the counting.

The counter advances and the signals are available at the outputs as decoded signals which can drive the numerical display. CD 4033 can beCascadedto connect many displays to count 100, 1000 etc. If theCarry Out pin 5of one IC is connected to theClock Input pin 1of the second IC, counter continues and the second IC starts counting when the first IC completes 9 counts. In such a way many ICs can be cascaded.

Display Driver Circuit diagram

Display Driver Circuit diagram
CD4033 Datasheet

CD4033 Cascading circuit

Seven Segment Display – Common Cathode

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