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Display Equipped Radio Pager Circuit

2016-12-01 01:09  
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A display-equipped radio pager according to the present invention provides a detecting circuit 6 to detect keywords which are distinguished by a specific mark such as double quotation marks for each message received, and another detecting circuit to detect whether the received keyword is already registered in the memory or not.When activated, the transmitter sends out a 49.890-MHz, AM RF carrier. The.receiver detects, amplifies, and decodes the rf signal, which, in turn, activates a piezo buzzer. The receiver is small enough to carry in a pocket or sit on your workbench.The transmitter is also small and fits easily into a pocket for quick access.The pager also provides a registering circuit to automatically register the received data related to the keyword into the memory. When a signal including its own call number is received, a call alert is issued, and a display means displays a message included within that signal on a display.