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How to build Electronic Selector for 10 sources with Display

2016-12-12 01:11  
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This is a circuit for alternative sources selection. It combines mechanical selection using a rotating switch S1, the electronic drive of the relays RL 1-10 and also the optical indication of the selection by the Display DSP1. The function is based on the connection of the mechanical selections into 4 Bit (BCD) code. It is managed by the proper polarization of the diodes D1-10 and simultaneous convention into decimal output by IC2 which is a BCD to decimal decoder. The monitor is driven by the IC1, which is a BCD to 7- segment Latch/ decoder/ driver. We can made a lot of combinations and selections on the circuit. For instance, we may add Led' s in parallel with the RL1-10.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram

Part list

R1....4= 10KohmsR5....11= 820 ohmsR12....21= 15KohmsC1= 100nF 63V MKTC2= 47uF 25VD1.....20= 1N4148IC1= 4511IC2= 4028Q1-10= BD679DSP1= Display 7 segment Common CathodeS1= 1X10 Step SelectorRL1....10= 6V or 12V Relay

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