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Inverse-Counting Digital-Display Timing Controller (CD40110

2016-12-20 17:00  
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Inverse-Counting Digital-Display Timing Controller (CD40110 And CD4040 And CD4069) Circuit
By using the AC power's 50Hz output frequency for frequency demultiplication, it could get kinds of different frequency's time-base pulses. This circuit uses lmin's time length as the timer's time-base standard. By the counter's counting, decoding and finally the nixietube would display the time. The circuit uses inverse-counting timing mode. The user should firstly predetermine the needed timing time by presetting the switch. Then by the subtraction counting to reduce the predetermined time step by step. When the predetermined time is reduced to 0, the counter would stop counting and output the control signal to make the relay have a action. Bucause the circuit can choose the presetting timing on or timing off, so it is very easy to use. Its circuit is shown in the picture.