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Operating information display circuit description

2016-12-10 13:48  
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This article is operating information display circuit description. The principle is simple but effective. For you to more effectively grasp this principle, we recommend that you read the text combines schematic. The running message display circuit wherein the letters gradually lit by the leadership arrangements. Once all the letters of the message has been ignited, the circuit is reset. This circuit is built in Johnson decade counter CD4017BC (IC2). IC  CD4017BE  One function is to provide ten fully decoded outputs, the integrated circuit is applied to a sorting operation. In the circuit only one output is still high, the other output switches to the high country has in each clock pulse. Timer NE555 (IC1) connected as a 1 Hz astable multivibrator, IC2 clock as sequencing operation. At reset, the output pin 3 higher and the driving transistor T7 to "On" state. The output of the transistor T7 is connected to the letter "W" character LED array (all LED array is connected in parallel with the letter), so the letter "W"? Pictures. The arrival of the first clock pulse, pin 3 and pin 2 is a low rise. Conducting and transistor T6 letter "E" is lit. Previous letter "W" also lit as forward bias diode D21 T7 transistor pass. In a similar manner, on the arrival of each successive pulse, the other letters of the display is illuminated last complete word becomes visible. Second clock pulse, pin 6 to logic 1 and reset circuitry, and the sequence repeats itself. Sorting operation frequency control potmeter VR1 help. Veroboard display can be fixed in a suitable size, and is connected to a common ground supply (6 v to 9 v), and the anode led light emitter connected to the transistors T1 through T7 circuit shown in Figure. If you are reading this first principle, the proposed Duokanjibian, grasp this principle.

Running Message Display

Running Message Display

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