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World?s First DisplayPort to Multi Output HDMI/DVI Translato

2016-12-18 09:40  
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display port transciever This article introduces the World's First DisplayPort to Multi Output HDMI / DVI Translators (VLX2000). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: VLX2000.

The newIDTDisplayPort translators enable seamless translation of the DisplayPort 1.1a interface toHDMIorDVI. TheIDTVLX2000 translates one DisplayPort input to a singleHDMIorDVIoutput, while theIDTVMM1402 translates one DisplayPort input to twoHDMIorDVIoutputs. Unlike traditional level shifter solutions, theIDTVLX2000 and VMM1402 do not require a dual-mode input source for operation, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These translators can be used in a dongle, digital signage displays, or embedded in a motherboard, docking station, or video switch box.

Additionally, theIDTVLX2000 and VMM1402 translators enable users with a DisplayPort-based notebook or desktop to utilize up to twoHDMI- orDVI-based monitors or TVs. This provides consumers with more options when selecting a compatible display.

“Users want to connect their DisplayPort-based devices to their existingHDMI- orDVI-based flat-panel monitors without having to replace them or buy an expensive translator,” said Ji Park, vice president and general manager of the Video and Display Operation atIDT. “The newIDTsolutions provide a low-cost translator with no additional driver, making them easy to use. Their small packages make them an ideal choice for today’s small portable devices. Additionally, since they are self-powered, they do not require an expensive, inconvenient power adaptor or on-board voltage regulator.”

TheIDTVLX2000 and VMM1402 join the recently announced 4-output VMM1400 to provide a complete family of DisplayPort toHDMItranslators that are fully compliant with DisplayPort v1.1a,HDMIstandard v1.3,VESADDMStandard,HDCPv1.3 andEDIDv1.4; and support Main Link rates of 2.7Gbps and 1.62Gbps from the source.

The newIDTDisplayPort translators are completePHYand full protocol link layer repeater ICs. They feature jitter clean-up functions to recondition and reestablish the signal while resetting the jitter budget to provide end-signal quality matching the source. This can compensate for the negative effects caused by long wires or noisy electrical environments.


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