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2014-11-07 11:35  
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This circuit shows a CA3256 switch/amplifier connected for a direct-coupled input and output. One of four channels can be selected in parallel with channel 5. The analog switches of channels 1 to 4 are digitally controlled by logic (Fig. 3-35B). A VEE of -5 V is required. The peak-to-peak output voltage is fixed by the Vcc and VEE range, and is about +3.6 to -2.5 V (clipped) for a Vcc of +5 V and a VEE of -5 V. For a 2-Vpp output, Vcc must be +4V, and VEE must be -4 V. This produces a bandwidth of about 10 MHz. Higher Vcc produces greater bandwidths, as shown.