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Electrical Control Circuit Using A Computer

2014-11-12 03:17  
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This article describes the use of a computer printer port circuit, the circuit's function is to control application using software and some interface hardware. The interface  circuit  and a given software can use any PC printer port control 8 devices. There are many ways to achieve control hardware using the software. In C / c can be used in a outportb (portno, value) function, portno is the parallel port address (usually 378 hexadecimal LPT1) and 'value' is the data to be sent to the port. Value = 0 all the outputs (D0-D7) out. Value = 1 D0, value = 2 D1, D2 value = 4, in so forth. Such as. If the value = 29 (decimal) = 00011101 (binary) -> D0, D2, D3, D4 and the rest of the. The same circuit as the rest of the data bits through D7 D1 (available in pin 3-9) must be the same connection. Isolated using optocouplers ensure complete PC from the relay driver circuit. The interface circuit is shown plotted in Figure only one device, the control bits of the pin 25 pin parallel port 2 D0.



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