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Electrical, Reliability and Radio Characteristics of Siemens

2014-11-13 19:12  
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The Siemens MC75 is the first GSM/GPRS radio module featuring EDGE technology, which is theoretically has a maximum bit rate of 474 kbps compared to GPRS with 171 kbps in worldwide GSM networks (source: siemens-wm.com). The sections bellow provide you with information aboutSiemens MC75, its electrical, reliability and radio characteristicsin case of helping you quickly retrieve electrical details information on the requirements to be considered for integrating further components.

Siemens MC75 sample application

The chapter contains sections such Siemens MC75 Absolute Maximum Ratings, Operating Temperatures (overtemperature shutdown threshold is set to 90°C board temperature), Pin Assignment and Signal Description (including function, signal name, IO, singnal form and level, in table view), Power Supply Ratings (supply voltage, voltage drop during transmit burst, voltage ripple, OFF State supply current, average standby supply current), table of current consumption during Tx burst for GSM 850MHz and GSM 900MHz, Electrostatic Discharge Special (Special ESD protection provided onelectrical Siemens MC75) and the last is summary ofreliability test conditions(vibration, shock half-sinus, dry heat, damp heat cyclic, and constant exposure).

Find detailed read ofElectrical, Reliability and Radio Characteristics of Siemens MC75 by download the article, you can jump to this related chapter on page 74-85 of 103 pages in pdf filetype (source: mobilex.ru). Above is Siemens MC75 sample application’s figure (enlarge by clicked)