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Electronic password switch 1

2014-11-16 11:39  
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Electronic password switch 1
The electronic password switch circuit is composed of the password input circuit, monostable flip-flop, bistable flip-flop, reset circuit, control executive circuit and count divider, and it is shown in Figure 3-96. Password input circuit is composed of buttons S0-S9. Monostable integrated circuit is composed of the internal time-base circuit of the dual time-base IC IC1 and external components of pin2-6. The bistable flip-flop is composed of IC1's another time-base IC and external components of pin8-13. Count divider circuit is composed of the counter / divider integrated circuit IC2 and resistor Rl and so on. Reset circuit consists of resistors R2, R7, and transistor Vl. Control implementation circuit is composed of setting switches S10-S12 and resistor R8, transistor VZ, relay (or electronic lock) K, diode VD.