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High-voltage Electrostatic Generator (the 1st)

2014-11-23 00:08  
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High-voltage Electrostatic Generator (the 1st)
Work of the circuit The circuit consists of power Switch power transformer T, rectifier diode VDl-VD9, capacitors Cl-C9, resistors R1-R4, a voltmeter PV and ammeter PA. (It is showed in the picture 8-115.) Turn on power switch s. the 220V AC voltage is set-up by the power transformer. The 9 doubler rectifying circuit consists of VDl-VD9 and Cl-C9. The voltage is 9 doubler rectified by the circuit. It then produces 100LV DC voltage. The voltage separates into two parts. One is limited by M and then outputted. The other one is limited by R1-R3. PV shows the value of outputting voltage. When the circuitcomponentsinstalled,you should useepoxytosealfillingprocessto preventdischargebetweenthe variouscomponents.