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High voltage speed optocoupler and application circuit diagr

2014-11-10 00:07  
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High voltage speed optocoupler and application circuit diagram
High speed optocouplers, its technical parameters are as follows: Rise time t1 ≤ 300ns; Circuit eye transfer ratio CTR = 50%; Isolation voltage VSO ≥ 15000V; Output transistor reverse breakdown voltage V (BR) CEO ≥ 50V. The optical coupler can be widely used for the high-voltage isolators, high-voltage pulse transformers and high-voltage power circuit voltage stability control system. The control systems is used for high voltage regulator circuit. The fast high-voltage electrical coupling in this circuit play two roles. First one is to achieve the output voltage feedback loop in the input circuit and high voltage isolation between the low-voltage circuits; The other role is to achieve high output voltage feedback signal. Note: The high pressure side +27 V DC power supply is independent, but its pressure level must be greater than 15KV.