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Honda CBR600 Electrical Circuit (TDA7374B)

2014-11-23 09:41  
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Honda CBR600 Review

honda cbr electrical wiring diagramThis article describes the Honda CBR600 Electrical Circuit (TDA7374B). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: TDA7374B.


TheHonda CBR600F, originally known as the ‘Hurricane’, is a sports motorcycle made from 1987-1990 by Honda. It was Honda’s first inline 4-cylinder, fully faired sportbike. It has a liquid cooled 85?hp (63?kW) DOHC 16-valve inline 4, and a 6-speed transmission. The Honda Hurricane was introduced as the newest style of sportbike, its smooth body lines were complemented by its angular form, providing the Hurricane with some of the best aerodynamic properties of its time, and it changed the way sportbikes were built. The Hurricane was also the first 0.6L sport bike to cross a quarter mile in under 12 seconds (11.23 second 1/4 mile), and with all 85?horsepower (63?kW) screaming away at 11,000 rpm (max rpm of 12,000) the Honda Hurricane was one of the most intense sport motorcycles of its time. CBR600′s have been built in its fairing-clad sleek image ever since. Often the naming of the CBR600F series can be followed by a letter which designates the year of fabrication(e.g. CBR600F-T for a 1996 CBR600F3) (wikipedia.org)

1991-1994 Honda CBR600 Electrical Wiring Diagram

This service manual provides information onHonda CBR600 1991-1994including the wiring diagram in Section 19. All electrical parts of Honda CBR600 are interconnected such as the tachometer, coolant temperature gauge, speedometer, right front turn signal, headlight, left front turn signal, the indicators, front brake light switch, engine stop starter switch, clutch switch, turn signal, dimmer, horn switch, fuse box, ignition switch, turn signal relay, ignition false generator, alternator, regulator, side stand switch, thermostatic switch, oil pressure switch, ignition control module, starter motor, rear brake light switch, right rear turn signal, brake and taillights, side stand switch, license light, and the left rear turn signal.

Download 1991-1994 Honda CBR600 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Find more details about the wiring diagram by downloading the pdf document (53.6 MB)  



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