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LT1109/LT1109A Internal Equivalent Circuit And Application C

2014-11-13 15:52  
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LT1109/LT1109A Internal Equivalent Circuit And Application Circuit
The LT1109/LT1109A is low-power-consumption DC-DC convertor. Its output voltage has fixed three types which are 5V, 12V and adjustable output voltage. Its current consumption is maximum 550pA. For the 5V fixed type its output current is 100mA. For 12V fixed output current it is 60mA. It can control the logic voltage level to close the ports to make the power stop working. It uses 8-pin SOP, DIP and 3-pin T092 (only LT1109) and other packages. The LT1109/LT1109A internal equivalent circuit diagram and aplication circuit is shown in the picture. The chip has internal 1.25V reference voltage generator and comparator.