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Parallel High-Speed Current Driver Circuit Composed Of OPA66

2014-11-22 00:33  
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Parallel High-Speed Current Driver Circuit Composed Of OPA660
The picture shows the parallel high-speed current driver circuit. The input signal Vin is added to the OPA660 device's equivalent special transistor OTA's base port B (pin 3) through a 180Ω resistor. Two collector ports are connected directly (pin 8) and also connected with the load. They are also supply current to the load. So the current through the load would be twice than a single OTA's current. The OPA660's OTA's maximum output current is ±15mA, but the parallel circuit could provide maximum output current of ±30mA. So when need more current it could take more OPA660 operational amplifiers to be parallel to get the load current needed. The input port (B polar) is connected external 180Ω resistor, which could have the function of current limiting and avoid the self-oscillation of the amplifier and reduce the the peak cases of frequency characteristic.