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RN5RG Series Voltage Regulator Internal Diagram And Basic Ap

2014-11-14 16:03  
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RN5RG Series Voltage Regulator Internal Diagram And Basic Application Circuit
The RN5RC series is the low-voltage-drop voltage regulator with surface-mount small SOT23 package and externally connecting with a PNP transistor. The RN5RG30A (output voltage is 3V) features is following: no-load current consumption is 50pA, standby current is 0.2uA, input/output voltage difference is the transistor's conducted resistance value multiply by the output current. Its output voltage's accuracy is ±2.5%. Its output voltage's temperature feature is in ±100×10-6℃. Its input stability is 0.1%/V. It uses the SOT23 5-pin package. The picture shows the RN5RG series voltage regulator internal diagram and basic application circuit.