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Shanghai Sharp R-750B Computer-Type Barbecue Microwave Oven

2014-11-11 03:17  
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Shanghai Sharp R-750B Computer-Type Barbecue Microwave Oven Circuit
The picture shows the Shanghai Sharp R-750B computer-type barbecue microwave oven circuit.' In the picture the XP is voltage plug. The FU1 is fuse. The ST1 and ST2 are temperature controllers. The S1 is door first interlock switch. The S2 is door monitoring switch. The S3 is stopping switch. The T1 is low-voltage transformer. The K1, K2, K3 are relays. The XT-A, XT-B are terminal board. The EH1, EH2 are barbecue heater. The M1 is rotating plate motor. The M2 is fan motor. The EL is oven lamp. The T2 is high-voltage transformer. The FU2 is high-voltage fuse. The C is high-voltage capacitor. The V1 is protector diode. The V2 is high-voltage diode. The MT is magnetron. The RV is varistor. The BR is brown wire. The W is white wire. The BK is black wire. The BL is blue wire. The R is red wire. The G/Y is green/yellow wire. The GR is gray wire. The G is green wire. The O is orange wire.