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Temperature And Humidity, Liquid Level Multipurpose Automati

2014-11-10 07:26  
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Temperature And Humidity, Liquid Level Multipurpose Automatic Controller Circuit
The picture shows the temperature and humidity, liquid level multipurpose automatic controller. This circuit is made up of buck rectifier filter power circuit, temperature and humidity sensor, frequency variable oscillator and single stable timing control circuit and so on. The sensor could use the thermistor, photoresistor, conductive mercury thermometer and other sensing elements. It could crossly connect the 555's charging and discharging loop circuit or the trigger port. So it would change the oscillator's frequency or 555's trigger status. When the predetermined temperature is higher than the environment temperature, the sensor's internal two mercury columns would be separate to be open circuit, so this make the IC1 reset because of the pin 2 staying in high voltage level. Then the pin 3 would output low voltage level to make the relay J1 have no action, as well as make the electrical heater's power conducted to heating.