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The Accelerometer LIS302DL Datasheet and Electrical Connecti

2014-11-06 19:24  
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Below isthe electrical connection schematic of LIS302DL, an MEMS motion sensor 3-axis – ± 2g/± 8g smart digitalLIS302DL electrical connection circuit schematicoutput“piccolo” accelerometerwhich capable to measure accelerations of 100Hz or 400 Hz output data rate. LIS302DL can be applied for a variety of applications such Free-fall detection, Motion activated functions, Gaming and virtual reality input devices, Vibration monitoring and compensation.

Through the I2C/SPI interface, you can see functionality ofthe LIS302DLand thenmeasure the acceleration datasince this device has selectable and accessible functions through the interface. Please high-tied of the CS when you use the I2C, according to the datasheet. You can also completely program the functions, the threshold and the timing of the two interrupt pins (INT 1 and INT 2) through the same interface.

On the common design practice, you should place power supply decoupling capacitors (100 nF ceramic, 10 µF Al) as near as possible to the pin 6 of the LIS302DL since through the Vdd line the device core is supplied while the I/O pads are supplied through Vdd_IO line. Have complete informations aboutThe Accelerometer LIS302DL Datasheet and Electrical Connection Schematichere in the pdf filetype (source: st.com).