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2014-11-06 11:17  
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Two-quadrant multiplication with the AD7520 in unipolar binary operation. The Intersil AD7520 is an 18-pin multiplying D/A converter. To adjust the zero offset connect all digital input to ground, and adjust the zero trimmer on the op amp for 0V ± 1 mV at VOUT. To adjust the gain connect all digital inputs of the AD7520 to VDD. Monitor VOUT for a -VREF ( 1 - 2-n ) reading, where n is equal to 10. To decrease VOUT connect a series resistor, 0 to 500 ohms, between the reference voltage and pin 15. To increase VOUT connect a series resistor, 0 to 500 ohms, in the VOUT1 amplifier feedback loop (courtesy Intersil, Inc.).