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Valuables pilfering tracker circuit diagram 1 (KD400/JD400)

2014-11-11 01:19  
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Valuables pilfering tracker circuit diagram 1 (KD400/JD400)
The circuit is shown as figure. It contains wireless Voice FM transmitter and wireless receiver, decoder.The transmitter is placed in the shellof precious appliances. It will automatically launch whistle sound frequency modulation (FM) radio signals. when the appliance is moved, the owner will get the signal by receiver. It will follow the stolen things untill the theft is caught. When someone is moving the valuables, KR and YA will be departed. The touch spot of reed switch will be cut. The TV1 gets bias current and be turned on. Pulse high jump is added to trigger control terminal TG of IC1to trigger itand make a sound. Figure B is receiver demodulation circuit.