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DZW75-48/50 (ii) 50 high-frequency rectifier filter circuit

2017-02-15 23:41  
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DZW75-48/50 (ii) 50 high-frequency rectifier filter circuit diagram
High-frequency transformer T secondary induction of positive and negative pulse of alternating voltage, after composed of high-power high-frequency switching diode V1 and V2 full-wave rectifier rectifier, repass L1 inductor and capacitor C2, C3 and C4 L filter and Z1 power filter consisting of smoothing filtering, such as on the output side for high frequency noise in accordance with the requirements of the indicators of 48 v dc voltage output. Pulse width directly decided to the discretion of the output voltage. Pulse width is wide, the output voltage is high, narrow pulse width, low output voltage. On the output side and a voltmeter, to display the output dc voltage measurement. R2 for discharge resistance, FL for shunt, a current meter jumper on both ends of FL to measure shows that the output of the rectifier current value, voltage value at the ends of the FL also as output current sampling signal to the voltage and current limit, flow circuit. R1, C1 and V3 RCD absorbing circuit to absorb the secondary voltage overshoot.