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Diagram of two filter circuits used for AM broadcast interfe

2017-02-13 15:05  
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Diagram of two filter circuits used for AM broadcast interference
AM reflecting filter in the picture (a) can be composed of common disk-type ceramic capacitor, silver capacitor, and Panasonic V series polyester capacitor. Though it is better to use digital capacitance meter or capacitance bridge to match with, an allowance of 5 percent for the component can still meet the satisfaction. If silver capacitance is used, it is better to use 1000pF (0.001ptF) capacitance, and the 0.002ptF capacitance can use two 0.001pF capacitances in serial (C1 and C3)。 The average inductance of the circuit is 3.3μH. It can use either isolated regular magnetic chip inductance or non-isolated annular magnetic chip inductance.