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Flash Slave Trigger

2017-02-03 12:44  
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Flash slaves are used when you need to supplement one flash unit with one or several more. This slave trigger simply triggers those other units. It does this by "seeing" the first flash (using a phototransistor) and triggering the other flashes a few microseconds later. The sensitivity of the circuit is adjustable to compensate for ambient light or dimmer than usual master flashes.



This is the schematic of the Flash Slave Trigger



Total Qty.
R1147K Linear Pot 
R2, R323K 1/4W Resistor 
R41220 Ohm 1/4W Resistor 
R51680 Ohm 1/4W Resistor 
C1110uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 
C210.047uf 25V Ceramic Capacitor 
Q112N5777 NPN Darlington Phototransistor 
Q2, Q322N3904 NPN Transistor2N2222
SCR11400V 2A SCR 
S111A 120V SPST Switch 
P11Plug to match jack on slave flash 
MISC1Knob For R1, Wire, Board 



Q1 should be aimed at the master flash. R1 should be adjusted for maximum sensitivity but no false triggering.Keep your fingers away from SCR1 when the circuit is operating. It is at 50V-300V and will give you a nasty shock.


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