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Low Current Flasher circuit

2017-02-02 12:08  
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This is a low current flasher consumes only a few Micro amperes current and lights a high bright LED day and night for more than one year. This can be used in switch boards, key stand etc to locate them easily. Unlike other LED flashers, it uses the current from the capacitor to light the LED. With a 9 volt battery, the LED flashes more than one year. IC1 is designed as a simple oscillator using only one gate. The LED is placed in the discharge path of capacitor C1.Capacitor C1 charges through D1 and R1 and discharges through the LED and R2. Power consumoption depends on the values of R1 and C1. With higher values LED shows low brightness but power consumption will be less. Low current Flasher Schematics One Response to “Low Current Flasher circuit”