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Xenon Tube Flash Driver (TPS65552A)

2017-02-03 18:45  
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The size of the photoflash charger circuit is greatly simplified and reduced by Texas Instrument (TI) TPS65552A. A photoflash capacitor charger based on this device is shown on the circuit diagram below. All the necessary? function such as charging controls, output feedback, charge completion status, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver, and circuit protections needed to implement a small, efficient photoflash charger are provided by TPS65552A. Here’s the circuit diagram:

TPS65552A Xenon Tube Flash Driver circuit schematic diagram

A burst of high-intensity light is provided by Xenon flash tubes. This light is essential for photography of objects at a distance, moving at high speeds, or in low-light conditions. Xenon gas-discharge generate the light spectrum closely replicates that of the sun. This light spectrum is providing very accurate color reproduction.

To flash once a trigger signal is applied, Xenon flash tubes require a high voltages across their electrodes. 300 V is the typical voltage. Photoflash capacitor is kind of a bulk capacitor to store all of the energy needed to flash the lamp.

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