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  • Four-way flashing light string circuit ( 3 )(LC182)

    2017-02-01 01:56:3965

    As shown in the figure, it is high-power four-way flashing light string controller using LC182. The LC182 Manifold contains rectifier amplifier, voltag...


    2017-02-01 01:45:0863

    Provides properly synchronized flash illumination for cameras in response to subcarrier pulse commands from uhf receiver.-F. M. Gardner and L. R. Hawn,...


    2017-02-01 01:44:3866

    A 555 timer clocks a 74190 up/down counter. The 74190 drives BCD decoder driver 7442. The 7476 is used to reverse the count on 0 and 9, which results i...

  • Flashing beacon circuit

    2017-02-01 01:02:4173

    A flashing beacon has many uses. It can be employed as a distress signal on highways or as a direction pointer for parking lots, hospitals, hotels, etc...


    2017-02-01 00:56:0763

    Used to measure light produced at subject position by electronic flashlamps prior to actual taking of picture.Meter is calibrated to read correct f-num...

  • Thyristor control flash circuit

    2017-02-01 00:24:0776

    The figure shows two flash circuits controlled by thyristor. The former uses neon tube FV1 to connect the voltage trigger thyristor, the latter uses UJ...

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