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1000W Power Inverter circuit diagram

2014-12-07 01:10  
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1000W Power Inverter circuit diagram:
1000W Power Inverter circuit

This is the power inverter circuit based MOSFET RFP50N06. The inverter capable to handle loads up to 1000W, it’s depended on your power inverter transformer. The RFP50N06 Fets are rated at 50 Amps and 60 Volts. Heatsink is required for cooling the MOSFETs. You may add some MOSFETs with parallel connection to get more power. It is recommended to have a “Fuse” in the Power Line and to always have a “Load connected”, while power is being applied.

1000W Power Inverter PCB Layout Design:
1000W Power Inverter circuit

1000W Power Inverter circuit source: telus.net

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