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500 w Low Cost 12 v to 220 v inverter circuit schematic

2014-12-21 10:21  
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This article describes a low cost 500 w 12 v to 220 v inverter circuit. The circuit is relatively simple, it is easy to grasp. Here you'll read the following diagram combine text bar. Using this circuit can be converted to 12 v dc to 220 v AC. In this circuit 4047 is used to generate a square wave 50 Hz and? Amplified current, and then amplifies the voltage by using the step transformer. If you want a thorough understanding of the principles of the circuit, I suggest you can go to find out the important components of the circuit, such as: CD4047B .
500W low cost 12V to 220V inverter

ModifiedSchematic – click on image for higher resolution

Original Schematic – click on image for higher resolution



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