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Inverter from 12V-230V IRF3205

2014-12-19 03:18  
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This is a modern version of the drive 12 V / 230 V circuitIR2153. This circuit is suitable for drives above 555, because it has two outputs designed specifically for driving MOSFETs and deadtime protection against low supply voltage. This is a prerequisite for high efficiency and reliability of the drive. Transformer is a network with two 12V secondary windings and must be rated for the maximum load required drive. The load shall correspond to cooler two power transistors, which are screwed through the mica washers and grommets, or use a separate transistor for each cooler (in this case, the radiator and not live together or to ground. Source must be hard enough voltage should be in the range 9 - 14V. If the supply voltage is less than 9V, IR2153 circuit is turned off, preventing damage to the battery, inverter or powered unit. V supply is suitable fuse. for appliances that are not dependent on the frequency of 50Hz is possible to use higher frequency, around 100 - 300Hz. reduces the quiescent consumption drive. MOSFET transistors can be egIRFZ44type for loads up to 200W, or 350W into IRFZ48 IRF3205to 600W. performances for over 600 watts is possible to connect multiple parallel transistorsIR3205 .

When working with the drive to be careful. Output voltage is isolated from the ground, but when touched both output terminal voltage is as dangerous as the mains voltage

Inverter from 12V-230V IR2153