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Low Cost 20W Flourescent Lamp Inverter

2014-12-04 16:28  
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Low Cost 20W/40W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter
This is certainly a low-cost 20W/40W fluorescent lamp inverter circuit project. Even so the maximum effective would be to make use of a 40 watt tube (or two 20 watt tubes in series). It is a circuit you may put collectively from junk box parts or assemble from a kit. ...

Inverter for 8W Fluorescent Lamp
This is the circuit diagram of inverter for 8W fluorescent lamp. The circuit is build based ZTX652 transistor, and used to drive an 8W fluorescent lamp from a 12V source. The inverter will work from 10V to 16.5V DC supply, attaining efficiencies up to 78% thus making it suitable for ...

Inverter Circuit for 40W Fluorescent Lamp
This is the schematic diagram of inverter circuit for 40W fluorescent light, this is great circuit for emergency lamp. This inverter allows you to power up 40W fluorescent tubes from any 12V source capable of delivering 3A. The circuit is very simple, inexpensive and easy to build. Please use safety ...

4W/12V Fluorescent Lamp Driver
Basically, this 4W/12V fluorescent lamp driver circuit is a small inverter circuit with very small power output that is about 3-5W. This circuit can be used to power up a 4W fluorescent lamp from 12V battery. It uses a normal 120 to 6V stepdown transformer in reverse,? to step 12V ...

5W Inverter Circuit for Neon Bulb
This is the schematic diagram of simple 5W inverter circuit for Neon bulb. The inverter will convert the DC current (from battery) into AC current, from 12V DC to 220V AC with output power approximately 5 Watt. Because of the output power which is low, this 5W inverter circuit is ...

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