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Micro Inverter by 2N6121

2014-12-07 20:16  
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This is Micro inverter or The inverter very small-sized, perform modify from the energy battery the small-sized , have the value voltage about 220V AC Volt 50HZ. By the circuit composes 2 transistors performs pulse oscillator generator or Square wave generator, for drive the coil transformer have voltage tall about 220V at 50Hz frequencies. By can change the value RC when give the frequency can modify. This circuit have current about 100mA depend on the transistor and Transformer. The detail is other total up PCB see in a picture below.

Micro Inverter by 2N5121

Circuit Micro Inverter by 2N5121

Diagram Micro Inverter by 2N5121

Diagram Micro Inverter by 2N5121

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