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Sine Wave Oscillator Circuit

2015-01-01 00:00  
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Here issine wave oscillator. Thissine wave oscillatorcircuit build to make sine wave. basic and simple circuit. using op-amp covering at 15-150kHz in four line. The losses in the wien feedback circuit, are such that the open loop gain of the amplifier must also exceed 3. Regenerative or positive feedback, and a closed loop gain of unity. Two conditions exist for a sinusoidalsine wave oscillator. ?Regenerative feedback is applied from the op-amp output, to the serail R-C input and continues. Stabilization is required to prevent the otherwise uncontrolled oscillation from building up and becoming unstable. In this sine wave oscillator circuit the gain is provided by a FET type op-amp. I have used an LF351, which may be hard to obtain, but the TL071CN or TL081CN may be used and have a faster slewing rate than the LF351. The Maplin order codes are RA67X and RA70M respectively. The wien network is a parallel combination of resistor and capacitor, in series with a serial R-C network. Here is a schematic?sine wave oscillator circuit:


Sine Wave Oscilator Circuit 400x280 Sine Wave Oscillator Circuit



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