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The Breakthrough of New Business Board Card

2015-01-01 00:00  
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Tired and bored of the same old business cards?

Why don’t we make a different by changing it into a bizarre yet stylish “Business Board Card”?

Well, anything is possible especially with the equipment of AVR microcontrollers. The ATmega168 is a popular AVR microcontroller that been used commercially in the Arduino board.

This “Business Board Card” concept is a new breakthrough, which you can find all of the copper traces are located at the bottom side, which it can efficiently cut off the cost.

The microcontroller will be placed on the top side, where is can be perfectly embedded in a standard DIP socket. You can see the input connections for power (typically 3-5 V) and ground in the upper left.

Furthermore, the board did not have any hardwired connections between the power and ground sections, also the analog power section (AGND, VREF, AVCC pins).

Cool isn’t it?

You can download the zip file for the above schematic diagram at: [Evil Mad Scientist]

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