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Voltage inverter circuit

2014-12-18 06:35  
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This article describes the voltage inverter circuit. The circuit is very simple, very cheap, very effective. This circuit can produce a dual (positive and negative) voltage from a single supply input. Therefore ideally suited for driving opamp and other circuits, requires dual voltages from a single battery. This circuit will operate at an input voltage of 5 v to 20 v and generates an output -2.5 v to -10 v. In this circuit, about 1 w and U1 will therefore need a heat sink to dissipate. R1 is used to balance output. The first time you use the circuit, it should be set to the middle, and then adjust with a voltmeter. Measurement and adjustment for each output. The circuit is calibrated to read the same when the two output voltages (or positive or negative). If you want a more thorough grasp of the principles, you can find out about important components of the circuit, for example: LM380 . 

This is the schematic of the Voltage Inverter


PartTotal Qty.DescriptionSubstitutions
R111M Linear Pot 
C1,C2215uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 
U11LM380 Audio Amp Chip 
MISC1Heatsink For U1, Binding Posts (For Input/Output), Wire, Board 



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