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11 channel 220V VU Lamp Display with MOC3021M NL

2016-08-05 06:45  
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VU 220V Circuit

VU 220V Circuit

Welcome back to free circuit dot com, What has circuit today ?

For those who like the sound and light system. Today I get to see the VU lamp 220V circuit.
We may see a small LED in the circuit, but we put a sign of coming out with VU and Opto MOC3021M Triac combined to drive the lamp to light.
This circuit is used OptoCoupler Number MOC3021M NL =11 Pcs.
Triac uses a number BT139-600E 11 signature print and a electronic device.
The stability and make the budget more than $ 15.

For all electronic device list ,you can look at the number on the PCB and part assembly.

you can bring signal from UV IC or LED signal to connect with Opto



Thus as below show device assembly layout.

VU 220 Lamp Device Lay Out

VU 220 Lamp Device Lay Out

Picture below show real project.vu220_display
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