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Inside Compact Fluorescent Lamps

2016-08-07 07:49  
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Today we use Inside Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lamps almost everywhere because they are rated to last much longer than standard light bulbs and consumes significantly less power (up to 80%). This luxury costs money and this is why it is annoying when CFL lamp goes off unexpected. We usually nervously throw it to a garbage like a piece of “sh...” and buy new one. But wait. If lamp isn't broken or sealant is still in tact then the only problem is in electronics which sometimes can be repaired.Pavel Ruzickahas plotted his findings and experience on his page, where he gathered some information on various CFL lamps.


inside CFL lamp

These include detailed circuits and working explanation. In his experience everything starts from broken capacitor and then leads to following sensitive electronics. So if you think that your lamp is too expensive to throw away, then you can try to repair it. Be sure to take safety precautions as each lamp tube contains some mercury gas which is hazardous. In other hand, if you are real electronics hobbyist, then you can simply harvest lamp circuit for some valuable parts for other projects. Over all it is useful to know some general principles of CFL operation and probably get back dead lamp to life.

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