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Low cost Pilot Lamp

2016-08-02 19:27  
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This is the simple way to connect an LED in the Mains to use it as a pilot lamp. It takes little current compared to a neon lamp. It can power low efficiency as well as high efficiency LEDs including White and Blue LEDs.The pilot lamp circuit is straight forward. A rectifying diode IN4007 (1A) is connected in series with the phase line. The rectified voltage is reduced to low volt by the resistor R1. Capacitor C1 filters some ripples and act as a buffer to provide continuous supply to the LED as the AC waveform swings. Resistor R2 determines the brightness of LED. With 1.5 K resistor, adequate brightness can be obtained. Low cost Pilot Lamp Circuit Important Note The pilor lamp circuit is directly connected to mains and hence at lethal potential. Do not touch or troubleshoot when it is connected to mains.? 8 Responses to “Low cost Pilot Lamp” Source: electroschematics.com