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Shenyang JinBei SY6474,SY6475A, SY6475 light bus width lamp,

2016-08-11 21:53  
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Shenyang JinBei SY6474,SY6475A, SY6475 light bus width lamp, stop lamp, reversing lamp basic circuit diagram
JinBei SY6474, SY6475 series of light buses are 4*2 rear wheel drive light bus, andthey have 10 seats(including driver).The highest speed is 110-115km/h, the economic speed is 50-60km/h, the minimum stable speed is 18km/h, the braking distance should not be more than 6.5m(when the speed is 30km/h), the maximum wading depth is 350mm, fuel consumption(L) is 11-11.5L, the maximum gradient is 30%-32%, the minimum turn diameter is not more than 13.5m. JinBei SY6474、SY6475 light buses adopt SY492Q-2 motor; SY492Q-2 motor is only used in JinBei SY6475 light bus. The performance parameter can be shown in the JinBei 6480 light bus adopted motor. Its adopted battery is JinBei. 5Y6474、5Y6474A adopt 321 type starter with 12V、1·lkW; SY6475 adopts QD1239 type starter with l2V,O.95kW,and SY6475A adopts QDJl21 type starter with I2V,lkW. The motors are all JF series AC motors. 64-width lamp; 65-rear light; 66-stop lamp switch; 67-very low air brake buzzer; 68-braking signal light and rear light; 69-very low air brake alarm lamp; 70-reversing lamp; 72-reversing buzzer.